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I haven't given my consent for The Company Check to process my personal data.
I haven't given my consent for The Company Check to process my personal data.

Explore The Company Check's lawful bases for personal data processing, contractual necessity, legal obligation, and legitimate interests.

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It's essential to understand how organizations like The Company Check, whether private or governmental, must have a lawful basis for processing personal data, as mandated by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

A lawful basis represents a valid justification for an organization to legally process personal data under the GDPR. There are six recognized lawful bases for processing personal data:

  1. Consent: Organizations can process personal data when they have obtained explicit consent from the individuals involved. This typically applies to contact information such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

  2. Contractual Necessity: Personal data may be processed when it is essential for entering into a contract or providing specific services. For example, a bank may conduct a credit check before offering financial services.

  3. Legal Obligation: Processing personal data may be necessary due to legal requirements. MCA, for instance, relies on this lawful basis to manage and share personal data related to companies or directorships.

  4. Vital Interests: In exceptional circumstances, personal data may be shared to protect vital interests, such as medical health records in life-threatening situations.

  5. Public Interest: Organizations may process personal data when it serves the public interest, as seen in justice systems or utilities companies.

  6. Legitimate Interests: Organizations may process personal data to pursue their legitimate interests or those of a third party, provided these interests do not override the individual's rights, interests, or freedoms. The Company Check, for instance, uses this basis to process information related to companies or directorships.

For detailed information on the specific lawful bases used for various types of personal data, please refer to our privacy policy.

When you visit The Company Check's website or utilize our platforms, we may request details such as your name and email address. We process this data with your explicit consent, which you can withdraw at any time by contacting us.

Additionally, we may process certain personal data, such as company and directorship information, without seeking your consent. In these cases, we rely on legitimate interests as our lawful basis. This enables us to offer services and products in the public's interest, aiding compliance with legal obligations, preventing fraud, minimizing financial risks through comprehensive information on individuals and corporate entities, and delivering marketing solutions to support business growth. Consent is not required for processing this type of personal data.

Regarding the removal of personal data, we will only do so when there is a significant impact on the rights and freedoms of the individuals involved. If you believe our processing of your personal data is affecting your rights and freedoms, please contact us. Each inquiry is handled on a case-by-case basis, and our privacy team ensures GDPR compliance. Please note that, in certain situations, we may require evidence or proof (e.g., a police crime reference number).

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