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How to buy a company report on The Company Check?
How to buy a company report on The Company Check?

Unlock comprehensive company insights on The Company Check. Follow simple steps to purchase a report with multiple payment modes.

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Unlock comprehensive insights into your chosen company by following these straightforward steps to purchase a single company report.

- Begin by visiting The Company Check website and using the universal search tool.

Type the name of the company you're interested in. Suggestions will appear as you type.

- Click on the desired company from the suggestions to be directed to its dedicated page.

- On the company's page, locate and click on the 'Buy Report' icon.

- A summary of your order will be presented. Click on 'Proceed to Checkout' to continue. Click on 'Proceed to Checkout' to continue.

- If you don't have an account with The Company Check yet, fill in your basic details such as name, email, and address.

- Click on 'Continue to Payment' to proceed.

- Select your preferred payment option from the available choices and follow the prompts to complete the payment process.

- After successful payment, an email will be sent to you for email verification and password setup.

- Once the company report is ready, you'll receive a confirmation email.

- Sign in to using your registered email and the password you just set up.

- Navigate to the 'My Reports' section on the left-hand side of the page. Alternatively, simply go to the same company's page and click on the download icon at the top right corner of the page.

- Choose the preferred format (PDF or Excel) for your report.

- Customize figures to lakh, crore, million, or regular numbers based on your convenience.

- Click 'Download' to save the customized report to your device.

Congratulations! You've successfully purchased and accessed a detailed company report on The Company Check.

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