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How do you obtain company information, and do you seek permission from the companies?
How do you obtain company information, and do you seek permission from the companies?

Explore our transparent data process on The Company Check. We legally source public records for accurate, accessible company info.

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Our company information is obtained from publicly available records, and we do not request explicit permission from the companies listed in our database.

  1. Public Records: Our primary source of company information is public records. These records include government documents such as business registrations, annual reports, and legal filings, which are typically accessible through official government agencies. Many of these records have been digitized and are now available online for public viewing.

  2. Legal Accessibility: It's important to emphasize that the information we compile is comprised of details that are legally accessible by anyone. These records are considered public domain information and are subject to transparency and open-access regulations. Individuals and organizations can review these records without any special permissions or approvals.

  3. No Data Collection from Private Sources: We do not gather data from private sources, confidential databases, or proprietary company information. Our commitment is to uphold the principles of transparency and legality by relying solely on publicly accessible information.

  4. Accuracy and Convenience: By aggregating and organizing this publicly available data, we aim to provide a valuable service to our users. Our goal is to offer accurate and up-to-date company information in one easily accessible location, saving our users time and effort in their research.

our data collection process is built on the foundation of public records and legal accessibility. We do not contact companies for their information, as we source it from freely available government documents or websites. Our mission is to make this information more convenient and accessible to individuals and businesses looking for accurate insights into the corporate landscape.

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